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Managed orchestration solution with Kubernetes

Take advantage of the flexible orchestration capabilities of Kubernetes and take your project to new levels of performance, security and flexibility. Our fully-managed Kubernetes solution is the result of continuous development in our dedicated facility, where we simulate not only operational conditions but also emergency situations, including possible attack or outage scenarios. As a result, we are ready to deal with even sudden operational events more optimally and thus faster.

What is included in our managed Kubernetes solution?

  • Analysis and design of individual solutions
  • Complete provision including complementary services
  • Professional support from our specialists 24/7/365
  • Full management of the entire solution including its protection
  • Optimisation and regular updates

What is Kubernetes and what can it do?

  • An open source orchestration system for managing application containers. If the application consists of multiple containers and applications (e.g. web server, database, load balancer, cache, etc.), Kubernetes will manage them.
  • Infrastructure abstraction and fault tolerance. If a server containing a managed container fails, Kubernetes itself will ensure that the same container is started on a different infrastructure location.
  • Performance scaling at peak. If some application containers are unable to handle the traffic, Kubernetes is able to ensure that other application containers are automatically brought online to handle the load. When the load subsides, it removes these excess containers again.
  • Kubernetes enables you to use your infrastructure to its full potential. It can distribute the load evenly across the existing infrastructure so that some servers are not running unnecessarily for a few users and others are overloaded.

Why leave it to us

  • Over 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Individual approach to customers and their requirements
  • In-house development at our dedicated workplace
  • Of course, individual adjustments are exactly tailored
  • Over 1500 servers and 5000+ systems under management
  • 24/7/365 supportwith helpful profi staff
  • Advice and if necessary service support
  • Non-binding consultation and solution proposal + project discount

Have an individual offer prepared

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