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We provide high performance, stability, availability and HTTP/2 support Webhosting. All infrastructure, servers, network and operating systems are built on the highest industry standards. We ensure a high level of security and backup. Qualified and experienced technical support is avaible. There are no hiddden restrictions or charges. Here, you find no unfair notice periods or automatically increased or renewed services without your approval.

Flexi hosting
Advance webhosting and system-intensive applications with a wide range of adjustment for your project. More information.
Flexi 50 Flexi 70 Flexi 90 Flexi 120
Cheap hosting
Webhosting for individuals and business with easy operation of web and database applications. More information.
Basic Start Classic Profi
Easy hosting
Basic version of webhosting for undemanding persnal presenttion. More information.
Easy Easy+

* Price is conditioned ba a complete domain management at and by directing the DNS records to our servers.
All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.