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Cheap hosting

An individual and business product to run individual web and database applications with advanced mail server functionality and support for the new version of HTTP/2. We have been offering high quality low-cost webhosting solutions for more then ten years. During this time we have accumulated a lot of experience and moved our services to the highest technological level. With us you can be sure that, you will get a valuable product and excellent service for your money

Webhosting options

The most suitable options for your presentation and their detailed description can be found on this page.


* Reserved server system resources.
All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

Support for the most used application


Why should you have our webhosiing?

  • We are the leader in the field of cheap webhosting We do not look for excuses and do not transfer the problems on your side. We aim to find a solutions and satisfy your needs.
  • We offer a convenient option for everyone.Each option has precisely defined guarantees for system resources. For a fair price you can use proffesional hosting technology.
  • We are real company with s clear structure. We have hundreds of physical servers, currently we provide technical service to more than 50,000 domains. We operte a surveillance center that is open 24/7.
  • We are constantly improving our services.We welcome your suggestions, which we then implement. We try to meet your real needs. We will customize the configuration and software equipment.
  • High availability and stability.. Advanced 24/7/365 monitoring, backup hardware, high troughput network and geographical colocation will assure you the maximum availability and reliability.
  • With our hosting you always know what you pay for.There are no hidden fees. We have no notice periods or automatically renewed services.
  • We don't abadon security standards to get better prices. We really care about your data! We back up regularly and use advanced backup software and hardware. We accept real material responsibility for the data entrusted. Compensation for possibe outages are a matter of course.

Domain for webhosting

We buy domains directly from the source as one of the few in the Czechia. Instead of saving a few crowns, we would rather provide you with full control over your domain. You can choose from hundreds of TLDs all over the the world. See below the selection of the most commonly used TLDs.

TLD operation price
.cz registration / renew / 1 year 6,50 €
.org * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 12 €
.com * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 9 €
.net * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 11 €
.biz * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 11 €
.info * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 11 €
.eu * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 3 € / 5 €
.sk * registration / renew / 1 year / transfer 7 € / 10 €
.name registration / renew / 1 year 14 €

* Some domains registers require an active approval or domain transfer fee, depending on your order and current situation. our technical support staff contact you to solve your order easily and to your full satisfaction.
VAT included.

More informations about the domains and their life cycle can you found HERE.