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Cloudflare managed

Cloudflare reliably detects and filters attacks, manages the load of protected applications by crawlers and robots so as not to restrict regular traffic. As a Cloudflare Enterprise Partner, we can get you very advantageous offers within the Enterprise variant.

Cloudflare components

DDoS protection: Robust solution for protection and mitigation of DDoS network attacks on the third layer (L3).

WAF – web application firewall: Advanced tool for managing performance, availability and protection against attacks on application system resources.

OWASP modul: Protection of web applications on the seventh (L7) layer, including in addition to generic rules also platform rules (PHP / ASP), including support for protection of advanced OS and publishing systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal …)

Firewall: Flexible access control with blocked users who detect excessive workload or attempts to compromise web applications.

Function of  Cloudflare

What Cloudflare managed includes

24/7/365 supervision of application functionality, ad-hoc configuration modifications of self-managed Cloudflare variants. Management of self-managed versions of Cloudflare PRO can be obtained by Nethost customers free of charge within prepaid server management hours for an unlimited number of their projects. We also provide management of self-managed versions of Cloudflare as a separate service for third-party management systems.

As a Cloudflare Enterprise partner, we not only offer the opportunity to receive very advantageous offers within the Enterprise service variant, but we also provide access to Etnerprise direct technical support and 24/7/365 consultation with L3 / L4 levels of support that cannot be obtained for basic variant customers. price list offers for end clients. At the same time, our service offers the opportunity to completely eliminate the worries of other in-house specialists in Cloudflare products. In addition, with our service you gain access to our internal know-how and experience with the continuous management of Cloudflare solutions for a number of important web projects. With us, you will get the most out of Cloudflare products.

Cloudflare management includes not only management and support of security functions but also support for acceleration (Stream, Argo, Polish, Railgun, Rocket Loader) and distribution (CDN, Smart Routing, Always online, Smart SSL) functions.

Globally distributed network

Cloudflare's global infrastructure is an advantage for acceleration and distribution functions.

Cloudflare map

Comparison of Cloudflare managed variants

Yes Yes Yes Yes
CDN cache min. expire TTP 120 60 30 1
Max upload MB 100 100 200 500
Page rules 3 20 50 1000
Always online (dny) 7 3 daily daily
Header rules 0 1 10 1000
Rate limiting rules 0 10 15 1000
Balancing No No Yes Yes
Supported browsers modern All All All
WAF No Yes Yes Yes
WAF No Yes Yes Yes
OWASP modul No Yes Yes Yes
WAF rules No No 25 1000
Zone lockdown No 3 10 100
User agent blocking No 50 250 1000
Firewall 0 20 100 1000
Firewall WAF regex No No Yes Yes
SLA No No 100% 100%
1,00 € / month 21,50 € / month 195,00 € / month Individually

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