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Nethost PDS

A specialized, robust, secure, unrivaled fastest and most cost-effective backup tool.

Back up!

It is not a question of whether you will ever lose your data, the question is when it will happen. Unfortunately, this is a fact you have to reckon with. That's why you're sure to back up your data. We offer a PDS (Persistent Data Storage) solution that pays off and works really reliably.

How does Nethost PDS work?

Main advantages of Nethost PDS:

Specialized robust backup tool.

Unlike competing products, PDS has been developed from the beginning as a specialized backup product for backing up physical servers in public data centers, workstations, corporate servers, virtual servers, hypervisors and applications. That's why it's so robust, it provides extremely high data security and, if necessary, it recovers your data several times faster.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Pay-as-go guarantees that you really only pay for what you consume, and Nethost PDS provides very favorable prices for backing up your data.

Automated deletion of old unnecessary backups.

Each inserted backup is assigned a fixed expiration date in the DSO according to its type of service, when it will be deleted. This saves you the cost of stored data and your work with manually deleting old backups.

Optional backup strategies.

PDS allows you to set up backups, exactly according to your requirements. There is no need to have data stored in several copies for a whole month, it is better to use advanced backup strategies.

High performance.

PDS is powerful. It can hold one hundred million advances per month.

Instant backup recovery.

Thanks to the fact that the data is distributed to different servers in geographically different data centers, the current load is also distributed when the backup needs to be recovered. This achieves an unrivaled speed for data recovery, up to a maximum of 40 Gbps. 

Easy to use.

Data is stored in the PDS directly using a simple HTTP PUT request or the pds upload tool. After saving, the stored data is easily and securely accessible via

1GB of data securely stored in PDS (3 instances) 0,048 € / month
1GB of data securely stored in PDS (2 instances) 0,032 € / month
1GB of data securely stored in PDS (1 instance) 0,016 € / month

All prices are without VAT.


Time Pay Charging based on real daily needs not only significantly saves operating costs and completely outclasses cost-competitive services, but also enables the concept of One-Day backups, where you regularly back up once a day with an expiration of 30 days and then every hour key data with an expiration of 1 day. So you have at least 24 hourly backups available at any given time, allowing you to hit exactly what you need at the price of 1/30 of competing services.
Speed Optimizer A unique CID is assigned to each of your physical systems, which serves together with the authorization data as a unique system identifier. Not only does it ensure that the data travels to a geographically separated location (if you are a user of one of the commercial data centers in which our systems are present), but it also ensures the widespread distribution of data from one CID to as many systems as possible. Thus, the data is spread across hundreds of physical servers, and possible data recovery can therefore take place in parallel from hundreds of servers at speeds in the order of gigabits.
Context Protector Internally, when saving each backup, you can use the API or our backup agent to select the so-called context. A context is a text value that, for example, when using loginname or a backed up domain name, ensures that data from one context is split into different physical entities in our cloud solution. I.e. for example, each daily backup will be stored not only in three (standard) or five (super protect) copies, but above all each on a different physical server. Specific backups a month back will thus appear on hundreds of servers, ensuring an increase in guaranteed availability.
Geo Boost Our company, as a leading provider of hosting services, managed server services and virtualization, is present in a number of Czech commercial data centers. As part of speeding up the recovery and speeding up the actual upload of your backups, the system automatically selects the nearest (network) location during recovery / backup. With regard to the fact that our POPs PDS are in all major Czech data centers, the check-in speed is equal to your line speed of the server. In addition, it means significant data savings for you, because the data is not charged within the server room.
Auto Healing The system fully automatically ensures data recovery and, in addition, always has at least 25% capacity reserve for healing defective physical disks. Therefore, there is no danger that for any volume of data, a spare reserve will not be available and multiple recovery will always start transparently (ie in case of a physical disk crash / failure), more will be restored than the missing copy. In addition, in the PDS super protect variant we use encoding of files with redundant correction, ie during transmission over the network and elsewhere we have a continuous control of line quality and there is no need for final control of md5 / sha128 file. Of course, the use of HW reserves for disk electronics and similar, albeit at a slower speed, is provided by a file system with a regularly repeated test of the feasibility of data recovery in the event of a file system crash of individual PDS points.

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