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YubiKey and LDAP

Leverage two proven tools to control user access in a security-proof solution.


Small and very durable USB device supporting multifactor authentication and a number of encryption protocols. Through YubiKey, the user logs in to servers, applications, computers or VPNs on a computer or mobile device.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Supports all common internet browsers
  • Supports multifactor authentication
  • RSA 4096 support for OpenPGP
  • PCCS # 11 support


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a standard in Identity Management. Its authentication function, where the server knows the names and passwords of users, authenticates all accounts on the network (mail, ftp…). Users thus have one name and password for everything. Its database functions search for information about all objects in the network (whether it is hardware, computers, printers, etc. or people, emails,…). LDAP enables efficient management of access rights down to the attribute level of individual objects in the network.

Take advantage of both of these technologies. We will connect the external user database, intended for user authentication via LDAP, to YubiAuth instead of the built-in Yubikey password system.


You will achieve an order of magnitude higher level of security and control of user access. When using LDAP password authentication, local password authentication will be disabled and will be delegated to the LDAP server each time a user tries to log in. Any user who does not exist in the LDAP database will not be able to log in.

Take advantage of the following accessories in your solution:

PHP 2 YubiKey Integrating Yubikey into your existing PHP-based user authentication infrastructure has never been easier. YubiKey Hardware Security Module Hardware Security Module for your server, a simple, cost-effective and at the same time very secure universal HSM solution.

Price list
Initial implementation of user policy and users into LDAP and HSM
80 €
Service HSM and LDAP serer
6 € / month
30 000 operations per user
0,20 € / month
DWH archiv up to 25GB
4 € / month

With a 24-month contract, the price is without a set-up fee.
All prices are without VAT.

HW keys Yubikey

Yubikey 4 Yubikey 4 NANO Yubikey 4 C Yubikey 4 C NANO Yubikey NEO Security key by yubico

Price list HW Yubikey
YubiKey 4
46,60 €
YubiKey 4 NANO
57,80 €
YubiKey NEO
57,80 €
YubiKey 4C
57,80 €
YubiKey 4C NANO
69,60 €
FIDO U2F Security Key
20,70 €

All prices are without VAT.

Specify your requirements. We'll be happy to design a security and user access control solution using Yubikey and LDAP. 

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