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The cloud is a real and effective direction of traffic for many deployments. However, not all types of applications are suitable for an „unlimited“ public cloud, which can easily escalate operating costs to astronomical heights. With an ISP cloud, you will have full control over all expenses and the advantage of essentially unlimited scalability over commercial hosting or managed servers with a good application design.

Connecting customers, developers and users

NLOOUD ISP Cloud is a product that connects the world of customers, developers and users with the needs of ISPs and SaaS solution providers. ISP Cloud implements a private cloud over a cluster of virtual servers. Ideally, it combines the benefits of both. Robustness, cloud robustness and fixed costs of a fixed computing capacity of the cluster. In multiples, it reduces the cost of operating such a massive set of applications.

KVM VEEAM vmware OpenStack

The key is in optimization

Through the NLOOUD Adaptive Container, the ISP Cloud optimizes the load on the hw cluster and optimizes the behavior of the distribution of tasks in the cloud, not with regard to the maximum computing capacity (like regular cloud services), but with regard to the most efficiently used cluster. In principle, the ISP cloud is quite similar to a balancer, with the difference that balancers distribute the load of one (or several) applications, while cloud access allows you to distribute the load of millions of individual applications among tens to thousands of virtual servers. This way of operating and optimizing operating costs allows you not only to comfortably and easily run your applications, but above all to plan and develop your services. Compared to application hosting, the real saving is about 80% for equivalent computing power, while maintaining the advantage of a cloud solution – full scalability. You can change the parameters of the cluster at any time as needed, NLOOUD Adaptive Container will ensure its most efficient use.

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NLOOUD PDS – Persistent Data Storage

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