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Security monitoring

Do you run information systems, servers or networks? Then you must be wondering if your data is safe. Undoubtedly, do you want to be sure that your supplier has supplied or operates secure systems and applications for you?

Security testing or penetration testing addresses the security of systems and applications as a snapshot of current security over time. Today, however, time demands agile and progressive development and new functions. In such a situation, you need to have a partner who will continuously monitor security and threats with your developers or vendors to minimize the risk of compromise or data leakage.

Nethost runs thousands of active applications and systems as a supplier of infrastructure and servers, so we know the issue from all sides and we can be more than just an auditor to alert your developers or suppliers to the errors found. We will also be a mentor and guide to the dangerous environment of the public Internet network, providing valuable experience in running applications in an open Internet environment.

Security monitoring:

Systematic long-term cooperation on the identification of security risks, including proactive proposals for security solutions. Periodic testing, evaluation and elimination of risks – ideally in a monthly period (monthly sprints). Solutions for the permanently secure operation of your infrastructure.

Passive model of security monitoring:

The customer defines the assignment, scope and priorities, chooses the depth of the required testing and sets goals. At the same time, the customer sets the limitations of testing with regard to the protection of the operation of its systems. Nethost will design and implement testing in approved time windows and on an agreed sample of users.


Active security monitoring model:

The customer provides a list of systems and a description of the infrastructure, defines testing objectives. Nethost will actively set the strategy and depth of testing, will perform continuous monitoring, periodic complete vulnerability scans, archiving and evaluation of records.

Outputs (monthly reports):

At the beginning of the cooperation, the security documentation of the customer infrastructure is always created and the processes and priorities for the implementation of security monitoring and testing are set.

You want to run your server infrastructure securely – select Security monitoring by Nethost. Contact us, we will evaluate your specific situation and design a suitable model. We will prepare an individual offer for you.

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