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SSL Certificates

SSL certificate for websites

SSL / TLS encrypts the SSL certificateand thus securely protects sensitive data that flows between your server and the other party. For example, between a web server and a user's browser (HTTPS). It encrypts passwords, addresses, account numbers, credit card numbers, and sensitive personal information to protect them from a third party eavesdropping.

Using of an SSL certificate should be a matter of course for all websites that collect sensitive user data. An SSL certificate increases the trust and prestige of websites and can help improve the position in the search engines.

The choice of SSL certificate depends on the kind of verification, type and price of the certificate. The prices of certificates directly reflect the prestige of the certification authorities that issue them.

Types of SSL certificates

Domain Validation (DV)
Description: The easiest and fastest way to get an SSL certificate. Valid up to 2 years.
Verification: It is verified that the certificate applicant has the domain under control.
Use: Internal and common websites / e-shops, communication security
Types of certificates: Standart, Wildcard, SAN
Organisation validation (OV)
Description: The certificate contains information about the owner. Valid up to 2 years.
Verification: Includes DV + Applicant Authentication in Public Databases and Contact Phone Verification.
Use: Company websites, E-shops, Authorities
Types of certificates: Standart, Wildcard, SAN
Extended validation (EV)
Description: The certificate displays a green address bar with the company name in the browser. This is the highest level of certificate verification – the highest site trust. Valid up to 2 years.
Verification: Includes OV + Written verification of the applicant.
Use: Financial Institutions, Banks, Corporate Sites, Large Popular Sites and Online Stores
Types of certificates: Standart, SAN

Types of SSL certificates

Standart: An SSL certificate designed to secure a single domain or subdomain.

Wildcard: SSL certificate securing all subdomains on the main domain (whatever domain). For example,, and anything.nethos­ The certificate is issued for a starred domain instead of a subdomain (*. Domain, *

SAN (Subject Alternative Name): SSL certificate securing multiple domains at once. One SAN certificate can secure at one time, for example,, and and many other domains. In the Wildcard version even all their subdomains. It saves IP addresses, simplifies SSL configuration and makes system resources easier.

Certification authorities

Certification authorities

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Other offered certificates

ID Certificates(S/MI­ME)

Personal or company ID certificate for digitally signing PDF documents, emails and encrypting emails (S / MIME). With this certificate, you or your employees can be sure that the received email really comes from the person listed as the sender. This reduces the risk of fraudulent e-mails that for example require employees to make payments, on behalf of the management.

Code Signing Certificates

Certificates designed to sign software applications and code. Certificates contain a company name where the customer can easily verify that the software originates from the signer. The types of certificates are Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV), which offers the highest level of security using a hardware key sent directly to the applicant by the CA. It solves trust in the Windows SmartScreen filter and is required in the Windows Hardware Dev Center to sign kernel mode drivers.

Let's Encrypt

The Certification Authority founded in 2015 supported by large companies such as Facebook or Cisco. Certificate issue is free of charge and is supported by most browsers. You can deploy this certificate in the administration interface. Suitable for non-commercial or private web presentations.

Klientský certifikát

Tyto klientské certifikáty jsme schopni v rámci Vaší společnosti doplnit o autorizační tokeny RSA založených na průmyslových standardech včetně všech certifikací softwaru, serverový částí a také zabezpečení odolnosti tokenů proti nabourání (FIPS).

Qualified System Certificate

Documents and invoices issued from these systems have due to the electronic signature from the perspective of EU law the same validity as a notarial signature or as original paper document.

Individual solutions

Besides authorization by client SSL certificates, we offer within the overall portfolio complete PKI infrastructure on a turnkey basis (including implementation of client SSL certificates, RSA tokens and OTP solutions) or establishment and management of the entire certificate infrastructure including connection to your existing ICT.

We always provide these highly individual solutions exclusively to meet specific requirements.

If you have any questions or are interested in a security certificate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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