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Only a continuous innovation and development enable us to be the pinnacle in the field of individual server and hosting solutions. We invest a significant part of our annual revenue into a continuous development and innovation. We own a complete testing SW / HW laboratory, where all our software solutions undergo a thorough application, performance and stability tests. Consistent stress testing and monitoring of the internal behavior of the applications enable us to provide our customers with truly high-throughput systems. Thanks to this efficiency, we save your expencies as our application servers can „tune“ the system for your solution by tens of percents. As customers, we are cooperate with a number of security firms, we have superior relationships with them. Such relationships enable us to provide independent external tests of our systems and applications. This is the reason why we are considered elite by companies, that are able to offer real material guarantees to your application solutions for the security of your data.


Without a functional software, even the safest technology or server are rendered useless. We run thousands of VPS servers to test all the possible or impossible SW combinations, and as a honeypot for outside testing. All our CORE systems come out from development environment, allowing you to customize your system and delivery according to your needs and to meet necessities of ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO 27001 : 2006.

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As a significant customer of a great number of resellers and distributors in the region, we not only have premium price terms and guarantees, but also a guaranteed contract-regulated spare parts availablity, including the possibility of a complete server repair without losing the warranty. We offer unrivalled times to replace or repair hardware that no other vendor can offer. All our servers are under control in a data center, so it is not a problem to ensure a complete server or disk exchange in minutes. In addition, thanks to significant volume discounts, we can negotiate better and more reliable offers. More efficient cooling, more fans combined with very robust input control ensures that we only use fully-tested systems. Unlike a number of our competitors, we do not use stacked / OEM hardware, even for testing or in our own systems. Thus we have statistics of malfunctions on several thousands of machines and tens of thousands of discs – we are able to HW meeting your needs precisely.


With ever widening household and corporate connections as well as new trends in network and cloud services, we need to ensure our systems have excellent accessibility. Quality design, overdrive hardware and networking enable us to provide next-gen services over 10g Ethernet speeds to reliably cover the data needs of even the most demanding applications. At present time, our company provides gigabytes of data per second from its servers, and redundant hardware from Cisco, 3Com, Juniper, HP provides maximum availability, advanced monitoring and network traffic analysis.


Not a single commercial system is able to meet our needs with the number of servers, VPSs, datacenters and domains we have in our possession. Ten years of development on Nethost Advanced Monitor provide us with an immediate on-demand overview of current status of all our operating systems, networks, domains and records. The flow of millions of statistic data allows you to evaluate all your servers operating systems for the time period of even weeks back. In an instant a dozen of monitoring services is able to perform up to 3500 test and more. Real-time results are processed by SW of our Supervisory Center. Every customer has a full, unlimited access to the online status of their systems, network elements, and security console.


The basic aspect of the ability to deliver commercial services is to ensure and meet the defined quality standards. Our company uses state-of-the-art security solutions, consistently adhering to a company-based security policy built on industry standards. All our systems and servers run regularly through audits and penetration tests. Their results are available to the lessee in uncensored form. Nevertheless, human brain remains irreplaceable, Network Operations Center (NOC) workers responsibly overlook the security status of all running systems and inform us, if necessary, to take immediate corrective or preventive action. With us, your data is safe!