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Nethost DNS Stack

Security and accessibility is key for us. For the operation of our own services server management and server server or application hosting is required to provide secure, fast, redundant, and trusted authoritative dns servers. Along with them also servers for resolving forward and reverse records within the requirements for dns from our managed systems. Therefore, we run servers as part of our dns-stack from several locations (see map below), where they are also least doubled in each location.

DNS Stack map

For the operation of customer systems, which are usually accessible through a public domain name system, it is necessary to ensure the operation of authoritative dns servers in the highest quality.

Public address resolving systems cannot be relied upon to run managed servers and ensure trustworthiness. To ensure availability, it is necessary to run non-authoritative resolvers for our systems. Valid and fast response of dns servers is together with ntp servers to ensure the absolute accuracy of the system time management system – a basic parameter for the operation of eg geolocation services.

Dns Stack

We use the following measures to ensure individual requirements

High security

Quick updates

Operational and geographic redundancy

Comfortable configuration

Quick response from around the world

High capacity and reserve

IP hijacking protection

Protection against DDoS attacks