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Public clouds

Nethost is the largest independent provider of mass management and custom server deployment systems in Central Europe. However, our customers have global ambitions. Our portfolio of server management, server monitoring, application hosting services also includes the implementation of all processes and methodologies for most public clouds.


We are not burdened by any restrictions and we do not have our own data centers that would force us to praise our feathers, centralize our services and thus increase risks. We are an independent provider. You pay us for services that will be attractively priced and already geographically and technologically independent in design. We implement systems, protections and system stacks across physical servers, virtual servers and cloud instances to meet customer expectations in maximum quality. We currently have implemented all documentation, implementation, supervision and software methodologies for these entrusted cloud providers.

Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Alibaba Cloud

We operate our services on our accounts, on separate customer accounts or directly on your accounts in the case of the implementation of orders for corporate and enterprise clients. It goes without saying that the relevant local or national regulations for industry and segment customers (healthcare, insurance, financial sector, research, energy) are respected.