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Why have a domain with us

The domains .cz, .sk, .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .name, and .us are registered with us by direct access to the given registers. We register more than 200 domain suffixes through a network of trusted partners.

The life cycle (expiration) of domains is monitored by our own advanced expirator application. Along with it, you will find in our client section also other necessary tools for domain management (car extension, domain protector, data editor and others).

Find out more about the domain lifecycle HERE.

Price list of selected domains

Czechia .cz 6,50 € 6,50 €
Slovakia* .sk 7 € 10 €
European union .eu 3 € 5 €
Germany* .de 18 € 18 €
Generic* .com 9 € 9 €
Generic* .net 11 € 11 €
Generic* .info 11 € 11 €
Generic* .org 12 € 12 €
UK* 21,50 € 21,50 €
France* .fr 20 € 20 €
Austria* .at 22 € 22 €
Poland* .pl 18 € 23 €
Bulgaria* .bg 118 € 118 €
Belgium* .be 44 € 44 €
Canada* .ca 72 € 72 €
Switzerland* .ch 22 € 22 €
China* .cn 42 € 42 €
Australia* 25 € 25 €
Denmark* .dk 28 € 28 €
Spain* .es 28 € 28 €
Finland* .fi 62 € 62 €
India* .in 44 € 44 €
Hungary* .hu 18 € 18 €Kč
Italie* .it 16,50 € 16,50 €
Lichtenstein* .li 50 € 50 €
Lithuania* .lt 75 € 75 €
Latvia* .lv 88 € 88 €
Generic* .name 14 € 14 €
Generic* .store 22 € 70 €
Holland* .nl 32 € 32 €
Norway* .no 62 € 80 €
Romania* .ro 22 € 22 €
Russia* .ru 48 € 48 €
Sweden* .se 24,50 € 60 €
Tuvalu* .tv 70 € 70 €
USA* .us 12 € 12 €

* Some domain registries require active consent or a fee for domain transfer, depending on the order and the current situation, you will be contacted by our technical support staff for the easiest order fulfillment to your full satisfaction.
All prices are without VAT

Briefly about the domain

Simply put, it is an address on the Internet that determines the specific location of the required server. The communication between the computers themselves takes place via the IP protocol using a series of numbers. These numeric addresses are just replacing domains that are easier to remember.

Domain levels

Level 1 is the domain suffix. Among them are generic (general domains .com, .net, .biz, etc.) and national (denoting two-digit domains of .cz, de, .uk, .us, etc.).

Level 2 is a specific domain name – eg nethost.

Level 3 level of the domain sharing the previous levels. It often indicates a folder on the server, which contains, for example, the store application –

Management of name servers for the domain

For domains using one of our hosting services, name server management is free. In other cases, the management of name servers is charged at 4 € (excluding VAT) per year.

Extended domain protection

With our extended protection, you will ensure the renewal of your domain on time. More information here.


With additional services to the domain, you can increase the security not only of the domain itself but also of your website.


Ensures the trustworthiness of information obtained from the DNS server after entering the domain into the browser. The user is thus assured that the information obtained from the DNS is from the correct source, complete and there was no violation during the transfer. Simply put, it prevents visitors from spoofing another server address when entering your domain into a browser.

Our technical support staff will provide you with more information and assistance with the deployment of DNSSEC.

SSL certificate

By using an SSL certificate issued in the name of your domain, you will secure your communication with the visitors of your website through encrypted communication.

More information and our complete range of SSL certificates.

Domain Manager

Used for registration and management of domain names. With this product, you perform all domain operations through a remote API application environment (XML, SAOP). The functionality covers all operations, information, registration, cancellation and renewal. The system informs you about domain changes via predefined communication. You have an up-to-date overview of the status of your request in real time. For our customers, ** Domain Manager ** is automatically integrated into Viwefix Manager . The main trumps of Nethost Domain Manager are convenient management of the domain portfolio, setting up automated operations and thus saving your time, costs and today the standard in the form of the highest possible security of your domains.

If you are interested in more information or try the service directly, contact us.

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