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The services we provide are designed for a wide range of customers. From single entrepreneurs to large international companies, content providers and developers.

Symphony 4 Cloud

Using a set of our own automated IT infrastructure orchestration tools called Nethost Symphony, we are flexible in responding to required performance changes at a significantly lower cost than if it was your own solution. Symphony 4 Cloud supports all the best-known cloud services.

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“Simplification, streamlining, optimization, money saving, delivery speed” – this is a short formula, that descripts the advantages of using our virtualization platform. We run everything in state-of-the-art data centers in our country and abroad. Of course, backup, monitoring, professional technical support and other services are available. Backup provision, monitoring and professional technical support is a matter of course.


DDoS testing

Otestujeme výkon a účinnost Vašich systémů ochrany proti DDoS útokům pomocí našeho generátoru validního a nevalidního provozu. Display full page

Secure erasing

Reliable, secure and non-recoverable data deletion from storage media (disks, VHS tapes, ZIP, DAT) using a certified ProDevice Degausser demagnetizer. Satisfactory GDPR. Display full page