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Secondary collocation

With the penetration of digitalization, modern companies depend more on their own data and thus the importance of this digital data for the safe functioning of the company increases. Nowadays, it is no longer possible to operate a truly secure and robust information system without data backup. With the gradual development of their own ICT infrastructure, every company will sooner or later, need secure and geographically separate data backup.

Secure backup

Our services are used for safe data backup PDS, SpongeS3, rsync, FTPS, Mail archiv and more. To back up your servers in a geographically separate location, dedicated server services, VDS and Flexi VPS.

In the larger companies environment that are subject to sector or sector regulation, the requirements for a controlled security layer of data and server protection levels are quite justified. For the requirements for a secure location, companies also require a solution for using their own hardware, as it is an economic option against renting servers.

Our advantageous solution

Our expert consultants will ensure the elaboration of a comprehensive strategy for your company, they will select suppliers and subcontractors. They will ensure the secondary collocation realization and its continual operation.

As a major customer of all major Czech datacenters, we offer you our volume discounts. We offer a number of above-standard services icluded in the price that eliminate the need to complicate negotiations on price and technical conditions.

We will provide:

Collocation services

Connectivity services


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