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Performance optimization

Simplify your IT management with our virtualized platform. With simpler management, we can utilize higher server performance better. On today's computers, multiple operating systems and applications can be deployed using a virtualized platform, simplifying and streamlining your infrastructure. You will then be able to deploy applications faster, automate common operations, improve performance and availability of your services. The main reason for virtualization is a significant financial savings, which is achieved by the acquisition and subsequent operation of virtualized hardware. For maximum optimization, the computing power is located in a secure and highly available data center environment in Prague or in Brno, maintained by a professional team of our engineers to ensure flawless support for services and management with fast connectivity.

Loga cloud

Server virtualization

The server architecture only allows one operating system to be run. By server virtualization, we extend the traditional 1: 1 server architecture by separating the operating system and applications from physical hardware, enabling us to provide a simpler and more affordable server environment. By server virtualization, we can run multiple operating systems in the form of virtual machines on just a single physical server, each with access to the base server's computing resources, revealing the full potential of today's high-performance servers. Most servers use less than 15% of their capacity, which is not only very inefficient, but also causes uncontrolled server growth and complexity.

Professional solution

They focus on organizations requiring professional access, approach fast reaction of their websites and applications necessary for their business. Nethost's services are targeted primarily on organizations using the Internet as a sales, distribution or service channel, and content providers such as discussion forums, information sites, web portals, and entertainment sites for children and adults.

User support

Our user support works 24/7/365 via phone or client application. We do everything for your satisfaction and therefore this application is primarily used to record and solve your requirements, which are then solved by our trained technical support in the shortest time possible.

Benefit for you

If you are interested in our virtualization service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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