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It is an open source (BSD license) web server with load management and reverse proxy. It handles HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and SSL protocols. The development dates back to 2002 when, due to dissatisfaction with the functionality and scalability of Apache, Igor Sysoev decided to develop Nginx. The goal was to handle 10,000 requests with minimal RAM, proxy availability, more flexible configuration and cache. Since 2011, the development is done by the company of the same name.


Fast distribution of static content and load distribution to other servers according to priority set. It allows you to define the backup server to which it redirects the request if the primary server does not respond within the specified timeout.

Inbound requests are handled asynchronously. The system firstly searches incoming requests in cache (its size and retention time can be configured manually), and only then turns to defined sets of servers according to their assigned priority. The received response is then saved to cache to handle other incoming requests (until the set timeout expires).

There are modules, that can extend Nginx functions such as geolocation, redirection, gzip compression, streaming, etc.