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Data Warehouse

Data is a valuable commodity. Even in your company, you certainly decide how to store them safely and how to work comfortably with them, how to analyze data and use it effectively.

By running a data warehouse from Nethost, you get:

Our data warehouses offer a wide range of usability for economic, statistical, business and security analysis. We provide our data warehouses, including support and full customer service.

With regard to your needs, we will design, implement and operate a secure data warehouse on one of the selected platforms.

Variant selection and easy ordering

Application hosting We offer the data warehouse in five variants with the possibility to adjust other parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

Data warehouse MINIData warehouse SMALLData warehouse STANDARTData warehouse BIGData warehouse XXL

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

Platformy na nichž stavíme datové sklady

influxdb elasticsearch
  • High-performance data warehouse platform designed primarily for working with large databases of time-stamped data. Allows you to perform real-time analyzes.
  • High throughput, compression and real-time querying.
  • Ability to write a query via the command line, http API, client libraries and plugins for all common data formats.
  • InfluxQL works similarly to SQL environment and at the same time provides functions for storing and analyzing time series data, regular expressions, arithmetic expressions, time series, functions for speeding up data processing.
  • High speed – InfluxDB can process millions of data points per second – automatic data compression is supported.
  • Continuous queries (CQ) and retention policies (RPs) help automate data processes, including old data expiration.
  • Full-text search engine based on the well-known Apache Lucene with RESTfull interface.
  • Its high speed allows almost immediate display of the results of the specified search or filtering.
  • Enables scaling, clustering, for higher performance, availability and security.
  • The advantage is high availability, speed and scalability.
  • Developed in Java, it is possible to communicate via a web interface.

Contact us with your requirements. We will prepare a non-binding offer of an individual solution for you.