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Docker is open source software that allows separate running of applications in the so-called konejnerech. The functionality is similar to virtualization but provides several benefits. It offers significant system resource savings over virtualization. It enables the portability of complete applications thanks to containers. Great for application developers and testers – automatic assembly of containers from source code or Git function. Docker

Docker vs Virtualisation

Docker uses containers that contain only the required application and its files. Unlike virtualization, it does not include the operating system itself. This ensures portability, rapid deployment, and system resource savings.

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Variant selection and easy ordering

We offer Docker application hosting in five variants with the possibility to adjust the parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

Docker miniDocker smallDocker standardDocker bigDocker XXL

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, prepare everything for you immediately for trouble-free operation. Contact us with your requirements.

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