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FTP server

Need to share data easily and quickly with colleagues or customers, or with anyone else? Do you need to send large attachments but this is not possible by e-mail? Are you looking for a cheap and easy data sharing solution?

An FTP server addresses the need for easy and fast storage at a much lower cost than the solution itself. 

Why use our FTP server?

It's an easy way to store, back up, or share your data. It is a simple repository with the possibility of secure SFTP transmission fully compliant with the GDPR directive. It includes clear management of user rights, allowing full control over access to your data. With the help of an FTP client, you can treat files in much the same way as on your computer (copy, rename, delete, edit, upload and download). Easily share even large files using a link (for example, in an email). Access to the repository is possible via the web interface, the client application or most operating systems.

Variant selection and easy ordering

We offer FTP server application hosting in two variants with the possibility to adjust the parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

FTP SharedFTP Dedicated

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

Do the parameters of the offered variants not suit you? We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you.