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MS Windows RDP

The Internet shortens distances, where in many fields the user no longer has to be firmly tied to one place (eg office) but can move exactly where he needs to be at a given moment. This increases the need to address access to services outside the office, or the operation of the application without a central solution.

For applications requiring MS Windows to run without a web interface, we offer a complete remote desktop product that can be run quickly and securely, including geographic backup.

MS Windows RDS

Wide application

Remote Desktop Connection is the ideal solution for anyone who is constantly on the move and needs access to their software from anywhere. It is used in professions and types of work such as customs declarant, sales representative, mobile technical or service representative, insurance liquidators, construction supervisor, real estate agent, insurance agent, homeworking, coworking, external contractors, external accountants and many others.


High resistance to fluctuations and loss or damage of HW will be appreciated by everyone who uses external access to their ICT / IS systems. The data does not leave the secure server environment and access to it is audited with the possibility of restricting access via a VPN server. Thanks to this, in the event of equipment loss, the risk of leakage of your data or sensitive data (eg client databases) is significantly reduced. In addition, after logging in to another device, you can continue with the previous work.

The solution includes a license for the server and the appropriate number of employees using Remote Desktop Services.

We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, prepare everything for you immediately for trouble-free operation.

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