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SQL Slave

Data is a key asset for your company. Protect them! 

Perhaps every company, office or other entity today stores its valuable data in one of the SQL databases. It is a proven, reliable technology.

But, it is not for nothing that it is said Trust but check!

SQL slave is a solution that increases the reliability and security of data storage by an order of magnitude.

SQL Slave

SQL slave is primarily a service of management, supervision and operation of a shadow copy of your primary data by an independent operator with advanced imaging for protection and archiving of your company data using highly secure Nethost PDS backup storage .

After implementing SQL Slave from Nethost, you no longer have to worry about data loss or data unavailability during large-scale outages, floods and similar events. SQL Slave also helps reduce the risk of unauthorized modifications and data manipulation. It is also possible to switch the SQL slave to the SQL master role at any time and, after increasing the parameters, to use it as the primary SQL in the event of a major failure.

Variant selection and easy ordering

We offer SQL slave application hosting in five variants with the possibility to adjust other parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

Variant MINIVariant SMALLVariant STANDARDVariant BIGVariant XXL

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

Nethost brings SQL slave microinstallations for all popular SQL servers.

MySQL PostgreSQL Maria DB Elasticsearch Firebird Percona DB

We run SQL slave on

Physical server Virtual server Amazon web services Microsoft AZURE Google Cloud

Let us prepare an individual price offer and get up to 40% discount according to the specific deployment