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Application hosting for e-commerce

Do you want your eshop to run without worries? We have a specialized solution that pays off. Application hosting for e-commerce is built as a cost-effective variant of a specialized managed virtual dedicated server. The most advantageous price-quality ratio in the solution of e-commerce activities.

Main advantages:

Economically advantageous
of a specialized solution: webserver + database server + supervision + monitoring. No technical restrictions reducing e-shop revenues. We solve all worries with technical background. You only do business.

Dedicated performance without limits
No risk of overload or downtime of shared traffic. Tailored to the specific requirements of e-commerce.

High operational security
of separate server solution. Possibility of individual setting of safety tools.

of seasonal increase of performance parameters. You can use scaling, database acceleration, etc.

Higher traffic and sales
thanks to better evaluation of search engines or individual adjustments of the web server for price comparators.

Don't worry about migrating your e-shop. We will help you. Everything goes smoothly and without worries.
We have prepared an interesting advantage for new customers.

Variant selection and easy ordering

We offer application hosting for E-commerce in five variants with the possibility to adjust other parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

E-commerce miniE-commerce smallE-commerce standardE-commerce bigE-commerce individual

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

  • Powerful, specialized, very secure and flexible solution for running e-shops
  • Solutions focused on reliability and maximizing the business performance of e-shops will relieve you of the worries known about shared hosting
  • Hypervisors run on high-end hardware, we only use fast processors and SSDs
  • Operated in our data centers in several locations with its own redundancy of the L2 network segment
  • Dedicated technical resources of the server, always guaranteeing sufficient and stable performance
  • No other applications of other customers on the same server can affect the operating parameters, deprive performance or endanger the stability and security of your e-shop
  • Unlimited number of inodes, unlimited number of domains
  • Performance without limit limits, unlimited script runtime, ie no problems with database updates
  • The specific SW and HW configuration will exactly match the requirements of your e-commerce application
  • Own PHP in the version you need, own IP address, own SSL certificates
  • Own, completely individual configuration and optimization of settings, including the possibility of continuous optimization (for performance, security, cost savings)
  • We will tailor the application and the operating system environment to your needs
  • An order of magnitude higher level of protection and security than any shared hosting
  • Possibility of own scenario and security innovations
  • Custom firewall, security protection Cloudflare reverse proxy against attacks
  • Possibility of an individual disaster recovery plan
  • Possibility of high availability clustering
  • Possibility of live database replication
  • Reliable backup with the possibility of individual backup scenarios
  • It includes a tool for efficient and fast management of the operation of your application
  • The solution has an unbeatable SLA
  • Monitoring and supervision in the 24/7/365 mode
  • Possibility of proactive monitoring with prevention of overload and unavailability
  • Unique ability to flexibly change settings and scale
  • Strengthening the capacity and performance of your e-shop according to the season (before Christmas, etc.)
  • Modification or strengthening of the protection and security of your e-shop (if there is an increased risk of attacks, etc.)
  • Compared to web hosting, always a better price-performance ratio
  • Active help with eshop migration
  • Benefits for new customers

You always have the option to flexibly change server parameters

Easily cover performance needs during campaigns or seasonal fluctuations (Christmas) thanks to the possibility of temporary or permanent increase of server performance parameters.

Application hosting for e-commerce, get a managed server for the price of better shared web hosting

Specialized solution Yes No
Guaranteed reserved parameters Yes No
Separate server solution Yes No
Limits of parameter use No Yes
Limited number of inodes No Yes
Limited number of domains No Yes
Limited script runtime No Yes
Custom version of PHP Yes No
Custom IP address Yes No
Individual configuration Yes No
Optimization of settings Yes No
Firewall Yes No
Comprehensive protection – Cloudflare reverse proxy Yes No
Possibility of own scenario of security innovations Yes No
Possibility of an individual disaster recovery plan Yes No
Possibility of high availability clustering Yes No
Possibility of live database replication Yes No
Possibility of individual backup scenario Yes No
Monitoring 24/7/365 Yes No
Surveillance 24/7/365 Yes No
Possibility of flexible change of performance parameters (season, campaign) Yes No
Possibility of scaling Yes No

We will build you an equally advantageous tailor-made solution. In case of individual needs, please contact us.

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